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Maize Starch Powder
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Modified Starches
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High Maltose Corn Syrup
Malto Dextrin
Dextrose Monohydrate
Corn Gluten
Maize Germ
Corn Steep Liquor
Corn Grit
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Careers | Life at Sanstar
Growth through Challenges
Life at Sanstar is challenging, fulfilling and exciting !
Sanstar offers access to world-class resources for personal and professional growth. At Sanstar, you'll have the chance to take on challenging responsibilities, working with top-notch, world-class professionals from around the globe. You will be part of a culture of excellence. You would not be just working for a living; you will be part of a team that's focused on making a difference in the everyday lives of people.

A large in-house pool of intellectual capital is the driving force behind sanstar rapid growth, and is one of its competitive advantages. World-class exposure, growth opportunities and competitive compensation packages offered by Sanstar enables it to attract and retain excellent talent.

Sanstar targets the world market for talent, provides global perspectives and has a large number of expatriates on its rolls. Sanstar endeavors to create a workplace where every person can reach his or her full potential.
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