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Sanobond (Corrugation Gum)
Introduction :

San-o-Bond is a ready-mix corrugation Gum. It is specially developed for use in the corrugated paper packaging boards having the advantages of consistency and perfection in terms of quality. This gum is mainly used in complete automatic plants.

It is made of special adhesive grade starch and a special mix of chemicals. It is partially hydrolyzed starches that are prepared by roasting in the presence of different catalysts. This chemical and mechanical reaction reduces the large molecule size into small molecule and with maintained viscosity.
How To Use  :
The ratio is 1:4 (1kg Smil-o-bond to 4 litres of Water). Take water in a container and stir it with a stirrer at 900-rpm. While the stirring is in progress, add Smil-o-Bond gradually into the vertex of water formed by stirrer. Continue the stirring for 15- 20 minutes.

The Smil-o-Bond to water ratio may however, be changed to ensure required viscosity depending on the gsm, quality of paper and single facer or double backer bonding.
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