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About Us

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We are one of the major manufacturers of plant based speciality products and ingredient solutions in India for food, animal nutrition and other industrial applications, with an installed capacity of 1,100 metric tons per day. Through complex, multi-step value addition and manufacturing process, we turn maize into ingredients and solutions that add taste, texture, nutrients and increased functionality to (i) foods as ingredients, thickening agents, stabilizers, sweeteners, emulsifiers and additives in food products (bakery products, confectionery, pastas, soups, ketchups, sauces, creams, deserts, amongst others), (ii) animal nutrition products as nutritional ingredients, and (iii) other industrial products as disintegrants, excipients, supplements, coating agents, binders, smoothing & flattering agents, finishing agents, among others.

We are the third largest manufacturer of maize based speciality products and ingredient solutions in India. Our products include liquid glucose, dried glucose solids, maltodextrin powder, dextrose monohydrate, native starches, modified starches and co-products like germs, gluten, fiber and enriched protein, amongst others. Our speciality products and ingredient solutions are produced at our large-volume, state of the art, strategically located manufacturing facilities at Dhule in Maharashtra and Kutch in Gujarat. We believe that our leading position in the industry, technical knowledge to bring specific functionality and nutrition to end products, more than Six decades of combined promoter experience, state of the art manufacturing facilities, diverse product portfolio and clientele in domestic and global markets, provide us with competitive advantage.


To enhance the quality of maize based specialty products and ingredient solutions production in India and across the globe thus elevating the manufacturing process through technological innovations.


Sanstar Journey

Sanstar is a group of two manufacturing sites spread across India.

we inaugurated the first facility in 2005, which has a production capacity of 350 metric tons in Kutch, Gujarat. Later in 2016, the second manufacturing facility, with a production capacity of 750 metric tons, was established in Shirpur, Maharashtra. Therefore, all two facilities have a total production capacity of 1100 metric tons

Sanstar has grown from a small-scale operation to a major player in the Indian manufacturing industry over the past two decades. The group has consistently invested in expanding its production capacity and infrastructure, making it well-positioned to meet the needs of customers. Sanstar thus sets an example of how firm determination and dedication can lead to success.