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Corn Germs


Maize Germ is one of the ingredients of the maize which is separated in Maize crushing process. Corn Germ is the endosperm of Maize grain; it is a yellow colure seed, pleasantly nutty in taste and rich in oil. It is mainly used for extraction of maize oil and manufacturing of feed supplement. Maize germ is a high energy, very palatable and digestible feed offering a good source of ‘slow release’ starch. With its less fat content, it reduces the level of coronary diseases.

Germ contributes about 11% of the kernel weight, Contain 45 – 50% oil and about 85% of the kernel. The germ is a distinct entity that can be easily separated and then extracted to produce maize oil, yielding maize germ oil meal as the main by-product.


Product’s Typical Value

Moisture, %6.0 Max
Oil, %42.0 Min
Fibre, %6.0 Max
Protein, %12.0 Min


Store in a dry & cool area.


Maize Germ is packed in 25 / 50 kgs Bags. It can also be customized as per individual requirements.

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