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Corn Gluten Meal 60%


Maize gluten meal is a by-product of the manufacture of maize starch by the wet-milling process. Maize gluten meal is a protein-rich feed, containing 60 – 75% crude protein (DM), used as a source of protein, energy and pigments for livestock species including fish. It is also valued in pet food for its high protein digestibility. Maize gluten meal is also used as a fertilizer and pre-emergent weed killer.



Maize gluten meal can be a valuable feed for poultry due to its high protein content, its high pigment (xanthophyll) content and its high ME content (typically more than 16 MJ/kg DM). The methionine content is relatively high, much higher than that of soybean meal and relatively close to that of fish meal, which is a desirable trait for layers diets The high xanthophyll concentration of Maize gluten meal is valuable in markets where a bright yellow colour in egg yolks, skin, and fatty tissues is associated with good health and premium quality by the consumer,. The inclusion rate of Maize gluten meal in poultry diets is, therefore, driven in part by market demand in terms of colouring.


Maize gluten feed is considered as a good and palatable source of protein for fish and has been used in fish feeding.

Product Specification

DescriptionGolden Brown Free Flow Powder
Moisture %10.0 Max
Crude Protein, as is %60.0 Min
Fat %3.5 Max
Crude Fibre %8.0 Max

Feeding Recommendations

Requirements will differ depending on the current diet. Consult your nutritionist or farm consultant to determine the optimal inclusion level for your particular situation.


Store in a dry area and ensure all precautions are taken to store away from bird and rodent infestation.


25 / 40 / 50 kg HDPE bag

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