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Sanalox M


Sanalox M is a variable viscosity modified starch ideally suitable for surface sizing and coating of quality writing, printing and packaging grades.


Starch is hydrolysed under controlled conditions to achieve desired viscosity, molecular size and weight. Hydroxyl group of starch are reacted to have sufficient acetyl groups to prevent retrogradation and to give excellent film properties. Sanalox M is more stable and maintains constant viscosity over extended period as compared to normal starch. With this product, effect of temperature is not as critical or sensitive as with other starch modification. This starch allows moderate fluctuation in operating temperature without need to compensate for thicker or thinner flow. By combining all these efficient working characteristics with excellent film properties Sanalox M has established new standards of specialty starch performance for the paper industry.



Paper Industry

It is used for surface sizing & coating of quality papers such as Azure Laid, Cream wove, Duplex board, Maplitho, Copier, Hi bright poster, Super shine, L.W.C poster & Chromo art papers.


Sanalox M powder is available in 25-50 Kgs Plastic lined HDPE woven bags as well as in 1 Ton Jumbo HDPE Bags

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