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Sanolose B


Sanolose B is a thin boiling chemical starch suitable for sizing and finishing operations in textile industry. It can also be used in the paper industry.


Sanolose B is a partially hydrolysed starch product. Due to the reduction in the chain length, the paste of Sanolose B is less viscous than that of unmodified starch. It provides uniform & relatively stable viscosity.



Textile Industry

Sanolose B is ideally suited for use in warp sizing and finishing of cotton and polyester cotton blends. Uniform paste properties of Sanolose B ensure substantially reduced hairiness of yarn.

The warp threads undergo friction and tension during weaving process. The efficiency of weaving depends upon the resistance of warp yarn to abrasion. Sanolose B provides protection to yarn to meet friction and tension by giving uniform size penetration without developing abrasive points even on over drying.

Sanolose B being more penetrating give a better anchorage to the starch film reducing “flaking” or "dropping". They give more weight to the fabric for the same stiffening effect, and the surface layer being thinner and more firmly fixed for an equal weight of starch, the size is neither visible nor perceptible by the "feel" of the cloth. Thus, it gives both solidity and "fullness" coupled with flexibility distinct from the stiffness of the cloth filled with plain starch with or without clays.

In finishing, Sanolose B is used for a light finish when very little filling is required to give body to the cloth. Being a low viscosity product it is possible to control the stiffness of the cloth by changes in concentration of Sanolose B.

It is also added to native corn starch in different proportion to change the viscosity of native starch to suit different application in textile industry with respect to denier of yarn.

Paper Industry

Used in the kraft paper industry for size press application.


Sanolose B is available in 25 & 50 Kgs Plastic lined HDPE woven bags.

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