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Sanosize is a specially modified 100% maize starch based product.


Sanosize is a latest specially derivatised corn starch for efficient sizing of cotton, PC, and PV yarns for better performance on high speed modern shuttle less looms.

Advantages & Application

Sanosize reduces the requirement of synthetic polymers like PVA, Acrylic Binders, and Polyester Resins in sizing recipe.

Sanosize does not retrograde compared to other modified starches as it is having higher degree of polymerization and substitution level.

Sanosize imparts Excellent Hairiness Control and better Adhesion for better weaving performance on HIGH SPEED LOOMS.


Sanosize is available in 25 kg/ 50 kg bags.
Sanosize is stable for 12 months if store in dry area.

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